Safari Hunter

sisk-SafariThe term “safari rifle” conjures up many different images. Some may envision a big bore stopping rifle while others think of a svelte, benchrest accurate, plains game rife capable of heart shooting a black wildebeest across the Serengeti Plain.

Africa is a dusty and hot environment where fine particles of sand and other debris manage to work their way into every nook and cranny of your rifle and where sweaty hands will attempt to hold on to a rifle in recoil while a Cape buffalo decides whether to die or charge.

SISK RIFLES builds the Safari Hunter on various actions and chambered for cartridges suitable for everything from a dik-dik to elephant. What we will not compromise on is the reliability of the mechanics, even in the harshest of conditions and when the rifle is operated with burst of adrenalin that can only be induced by dangerous game. A rifle for Africa has to be as dependable as a Barlow knife and the morning sunrise.

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