Whitetail Hunter


The whitetail deer is the most popular game animal in the world. Though some experts will tell you only certain cartridges are appropriate for whitetail hunting, it is one of the few big game animals that can and has been successfully hunted with everything from .22 to .50 caliber rifles.

The most important consideration for a whitetail rifle is that the rife fits the hunter and is built to accommodate their style of hunting.

Do you hunt from a high seat or blind where a lightweight rifle is not needed and a muzzle heavy rifle will help you hold steady for the longer shots?

Do you prowl the timber, climb steep mountains or do a lot of still hunting where you need a lightweight rifle that has to balance perfectly to make off-hand shooting easier?

Will you be shooting at short, long or all ranges? Are you small framed? Will your kids or wife be using this rifle? Are you recoil sensitive?

All of these things need to be considered when building your perfect whitetail rifle and that’s our goal at Sisk Rifles; help you find the rifle that will best compliment the way you hunt whitetail deer.

We use Remington 700 actions for our Whitetail Hunter. They are dependable, parts are easily available and are conducive to building a lightweight rifle. We also understand a whitetail rifle needs to be accurate whether you are shooting a Boone & Crocket buck at 450 yards with a .300 magnum or threading a .358 bullet through a tangle of limbs at 40 yards.

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