Sisk Tactical Adaptive Rifle

SiSKS Guns 11880

 The complete STAR® stock with short tactical forestock weighs 3.6 lbs.

The heart of the STAR® is the indexable buttstock. By allowing the stock to be moved radially into or away from the shooters face ensures correct eye alignment regarless of shooter physique or height of optic. 

index marks


STAR connection index video

STAR connection adjustment video

STAR detach video

The STAR buttstock is an important feature of the STAR. The length of pull is adjusted by rotating the recoil shaft in and out and allowing from 12 inches to nearly 16 inches of adjustment depending on recoil pad thickness. Two lock nuts hold the shaft from rotating. A set screw from either side can be used for extreme rough conditions.


Recoil shaft index video 

IMG 2915


On most rifle stocks, the angle of the recoil pad is fixed. The STAR allows for 360 degrees of rotation encouraging the shooter to adjust as conditions dictate.

Recoil shaft lock video


Drop can be selected for the lower recoil shaft position for shooters very tall or those needing more drop at the toe of the stock.

IMG 2914


In addition, the toe can be adjusted in, out, left, or right depending on shooter needs as shown by the angle on the end of the recoil shaft. If no angle is needed, the opposite end is used. Position of the recoil plate on the recoil shaft is adjusted by any of the four vertical positions.

IMG 2923  IMG 2922

Recoil plate video

SiSKS Guns 11834


The STAR cheekpiece if CNC machined from Kydex. Adjustements are up and down in front and back, and fore and aft. Switch from left to right hand in seconds without tools.

IMG 2917  IMG 2918

Cheekpiece adjustment video

Cheekpiece index marks video

Sling Stud video



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