Handguard Extending Picatinny Rail HEPR

The Handguard Extending Picatinny Rail is the newest innovation from Sisk Rifles. HEPR works on a simply concept: Everyone, regardless of skill level, can shoot better/faster/more accurately with support than without.

HEPR is a simply device. It just threads into the end of an AR handguard. While threading the HPER into the handguard, the HEPR rotates 360 degrees. Lets be sure we understand this part, 360 degrees rotation. This rotation allows HEPR with it's forward section of picatinny rail to have any device mounted that will attach to a rail. Bipods, weapon mounted flashlights, vertical hand grips, etc, all attach with ease. 

We live in a world equally comprised of left and right hand. What happens when your weapon light is mounted on the right side and you are taking cover on the same side ? The light beam is abstructed by your cover. With the HEPR, just loosen the lock ring and rotate to the other side and tighten the lock ring. Takes about 1.5 seconds after you practice a few times. 

 Have a bipod mounted ? Bipods work well on most systems when mounted under the barrel, giving vertical support. But why not make your bipod do more ? You paid for it, make it work ! By loosening the lock ring, rotate the bipod radially 360 degrees until it gives you support. Against your squad car, corner of a building, against a tree, whatever you are taking cover from. 

 Taking cover by using something overhead like laying prone under your squad car or some other structure ? Rotate the HEPR until the bipod is directly vertical in the overhead position. If you are using an EOTech, you can have the bipod legs pointed up and still see the threat through the optic.

  Using a vertical handgrip ? Rotate it 360 degrees until it gives you support from whatever position you are in.

 The AR HEPR gives support with whatever you have attached in whatever position you are in. And you are in control of how this works. Not some engineer in an office who has never fired a weapon, let alone been in your shoes, designing a part that can only do one thing. You deserve better.


All the HEPR pictures below were taken of a HEPR that was not anodized. The reason is that taking a picture of a black part inside another black part is very difficult. All HEPR's are anodized black.


IMG 2992


IMG 2993

IMG 2996


 IMG 2999

IMG 3000


The HEPR is available for $150.

Call for Law enforcement and military pricing.

Patent Pending..



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