Sisk Tactical Adaptive Rifle

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The STAR® receiver stock is as adaptive as the buttstock. CNC machined from 6061 aluminium, the receiver stock offers strength that other stock makers can only dream of. The rear section allows all STAR® buttstocks to quickly attach or unattach. The foreward section allows equal adaptiveness with accepting all the different STAR® forestocks and accessories.

The complete STAR® stock with short tactical forestock weighs 3.6 lbs.

Currently made for the Remington 700 and clones, the receiver stock accepts short right hand actions. Straight or swept bolt knob are right at home without modification.

The bottom section accepts the STAR® triggerguard using AICS type mags.


If needed, the STAR® will accept a factory BDL type floorplate by inserting two STAR® triggerguard inserts the make for a perfect fit between your factory triggerguard and stock. No modifications are necessary to stock or triggerguard.

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The STAR® Four-Point-Mechanical-Bedding System uses four set screws to contact the forward face and both sides of the recoil lug. The set screws that contact the forward face control all fore and aft movement of the recoil lug in the stock. The set screws on the sides handle all radial load placed on the lug during firing . This completely eliminates the need for conventional bedding. Many shooters have discovered that due to the stiffness of the reciever stock, even the STAR® Four-Point-Contact-Bedding System is not usually needed. Most rifles shoot very accurately with all the set screws removed. But if you have a "problem" rifle, tuning the bedding has never been easier and doesnt required special tools or a trip to the gunsmith.

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